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Suarez, QPR, and Thierry Henry

February 11, 2012

Although I’m not yet sure whether Liverpool fans intend to continue defending Luis Suarez after today’s events, in my view the bloke has now reached the point of no return as far as his attitude is concerned. Imagine if you were in his position today. Say, just for argument’s sake, that you take the view popular amongst Liverpool fans; that the original incident between Suarez and Evra was caused by a linguistic misunderstanding. Surely if you were Suarez, you would feel a little guilty that your words were taken by their intended recipient as racial abuse, even if as a result of a misunderstanding? I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy that you had to sit out eight games as a result, but that part isn’t really Evra’s fault, is it? Surely the best thing to do, if it was indeed a misunderstanding, would be to apologise to Evra humbly and try to get on with your football?

Why would you refuse to shake Evra’s hand, if it was really the case that your words inflicted abuse on him, even if it was by accident? There’s no logical explanation as far as I can see. This leads me to think that the “misunderstanding” excuse is bollocks. I think this has serious implications about Suarez’s character, and in my opinion LFC shouldn’t tolerate this.

I was interested, as well, to see that QPR have had another poor result. I won’t be surprised if they go down, and I suspect that Tony Fernandes will be a very, very angry man if that does happen. It’s ironic that this season’s other promoted clubs, which hardly spent on their squad at all this year, are doing far better than QPR. The reason for this is, I suspect, the same reason City did fairly poorly in the League even in the first year after signing Silva, Toure etc. Players need time playing together to gel and become a solid working unit, and usually that takes more than a season. Especially when you practically replace the whole squad in the space of a few months, in a grotesque spending frenzy. QPR’s management have ignored basic footballing prudence. They’re acting like  8-year-olds who’ve found the cheat to give you an unlimited transfer budget on Football Manager but are still managing to lose. It’s amusing to see, but I feel sorry for the fans.

Finally a word on Henry, who of course got a vital winner against Sunderland for the Gunners today. When MacLean got his goal I was certain we’d crumble totally again. (Incidentally, MacLean should really be starting for Ireland on a regular basis from now on, and at the Euros). We showed “mental strength” and make a great comeback. It simply occurred to me how much smoother the past few seasons could have gone if we’d kept some more old faces like Henry around at Arsenal. Man United have obviously done this to great effect with Giggs, Scholes, Van der Sar etc. How much easier would our injury crises have been to deal with if we’d kept hold of players like Pires, Henry and Flamini? Hopefully Arsene will learn something from this. I’d be delighted to see us sign Henry on a permanent basis, as well.

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